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I created Old Style Dating to revive that ‘old school ‘ romance that everyone loves.❤️ We don’t do ‘one night stands’ instead we promote meaningful relationships.

Are you old school? What about when it comes to dating? What does Old Style mean to you? I’ve passionately promoted this crucial message of my dating Old Style Dating site to convey values of trust, manners and respect. We are old school and proud of it. That doesn’t mean we are old fashioned. There is a subtle difference. We totally appreciate equality and diversity. But when it comes to dating we can’t be doing with the modern way of swiping for the sake of it, false profiles and more hook-ups than you can shake your stick at. Instead, we love an old style of dating – with manners. That’s got to be a good thing, right? We have all heard the horror stories about notorious sites these days. We work hard to be different. That’s why we spend hours every day checking that people are genuine. We hate fakes as much as you do. PS: It’s free to join as we build our community so why not sign up and come and say hello?

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