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Geek Meet


Could your passion be for sci-fi, horror films, gaming, computing, or trains? The list is endless. Are you also looking to meet up romantically with someone who also is passionate about the same thing as you? Finding likeminded people can be difficult can’t it (especially when you have a niche interest or passion)? At Geek Meet our goal is to do exactly that, and to help you find the right person. Are you fed up of sifting through profiles, just to find that most of them are fake? Or, have you found that finding someone who’s interested the same things as you tough going? Geek Meet recognises that dating is hard at the best of times, let alone when there’s thousands of fake profiles, people only after one thing (!), and no way of narrowing down your searches without forking out a fortune. That’s why we have based our model on shared passions, allowing you to search for your ideal date based on shared interests.
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